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About us

  • Consultancy / planning

    Demoliton, disposal of waste materials, advice on health and safety regulations, removal of harmful, dangerous and fire- and water-damaged materials.
  • Demolition:

    conventional, selective, partial, total and in contaminated areas
  • Dsimantling, remantling
  • Making buildings structurally safe and stable e.g. by propping up
  • Sites clearances

    Guttings of buildings and disposal of waste materials
  • Exterior finishes

    Cleaning of facades, sand-blasting, graffitti removal, industrial cleaning
  • Qualifications / licenses

    Authorisation to carry out demolition and clearing works on sites, buildings and vehiles which contain low levels of asbestos
  • Special certification in:

    Health and Safety co-ordination in line with building site regulations
  • more...